Our Slow Production philosophy

Design that will outlive us all.
Always honestly produced - always with love.

Swedish Maze has made minimalistic and functional interior design for  homes all over the globe since 2003. All production takes place in Sweden and in collaboration with Swedish craftsmen, which enables quality control of production and awareness about environmental impact - from idea to final product. It's all in line with our vision about Slow Production, producing and offering long lasting design, made by professionals with decent wages and healthy working conditions that minimize our environmental imprint.



WTF is "Slow Production"?


Made with love and care.

When so many are focusing on maximizing profits and shorten production time
– we make sure that our design is sustainable; from design, to selection of materials, production and working conditions. We rather develop and improve existing products than come up with new ones. By perfecting piece by piece, we make design that will last for generations. We can’t stress this enough: Our design should outlive us all - and so should mother nature.


A local with a global perspective.

98% of our production takes place in Småland, Sweden. We use honest manufacturing, recycled materials and a strict no air freight policy. So when more people outside the cold north like what we are doing, we will do our best to set up production with equal good conditions in said country.


Kind to the environment & the nature.

If our design shall outlive us all - we have to be kind to mother nature. Today we use as much recycled materials as possible and we are always on the search for new sustainable production technics and materials. We never overproduce, but rather have a demand we can’t meet - so we can greet a better tomorrow.