Maze Interior launches its first chair and table: Same Chair, Same Table

Maze Interior launches its first chair and table: Same Chair, Same Table

Av Rebecka Orstadius

Maze Interior launches its first chair and table: Same Chair, Same Table

Maze Interior continues to combine creativity and playfulness with functional design. In line with the philosophy Slow Production, Maze Interior can present its first chair and table in their product range. Same Chair and Same Table are both designed by Louise Hederström and are produced in Italy, outside the city Trieste in the Friuli-Venezia area.

Maze Interior have since the start in 2003 worked with Slow Production, where the creation process is allowed to take time, the production is sustainable, and the design long-lasting. By placing the production of Same Chair and Same Table in Italy, Maze Interior can through Italian handicraft and design skill create furniture that lasts for a long time. The production in this area primarily takes place through small family-owned businesses that cooperate with their fellow producers in neighboring villages. Just like how our manufacturers work in Småland, Sweden.

Same Chair

The idea for Same Chair was first born 11 years ago and Maze Interior has since waited for the right time to realize their vision. The role model for Same Chair is a secondhand chair in metal from the 50s that Maze’s Creative Director, Lotta De Visscher, found and asked designer Louise Hederström to further develop – to create a modern but timeless furniture. Louise have created a modern chair in metal and wood with soft shapes that speaks of lightness and comfort. The chair comes in the colours white with a white stain oak seat, and black with a black stain beech seat or a walnut seat. Same Chair creates an airy feeling in smaller spaces, as well as it fits in many rooms and settings.

Same Table

Same Table was created along with the Same Chair with the same soft shapes. The table is stable and also gentle, with a heavier and steady tabletop in a size that also works well with smaller surfaces. Same Table comes in the colours white and black with a practical laminate top. Although the table is smaller, you can still easily fit 4 persons around it. Giving, through its soft edges, a warm invitation.

About Louise Hederström

Louise Hederström studied design at both Beckmans College of Design and Lund University. She is inspired by nature as well as her visits to factories where she encounters different types of materials and production techniques. She works solely with companies that are highly profiled within design and sustainability – every step of the process is important. Louise seeks innovative design that combines form with function. “It is important to design and create products that are practical and at the same time are attractive and lasts a long time” Louise says. Maze Interior and Louise have worked close together in the last 20 years and Louise is an important part of Maze’s success.


In stores from 02/05/2022